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* Getting a Merchant Account

* Getting a merchant account is easy! If you are currently doing a business and have bank accounts, then you need to go to your bank and ask for Merchant Accounts.

Your bank may want to know the nature of your credit card transactions, and you can feel free in telling them that you will be using the Secure Payment Gateway system. While you are waiting for your Merchant Accounts to be activated, you can proceed through the next steps.

You need a SSL certificate for doing secured transactions online. These may be available to you with your ISP or Web Host, and if they do not, then you can purchase one. Integrate your Shopping Cart/Accounting program into your web site. You will need to talk to your Web Host or Web designer in order to get this step correctly prepared.

If you will only be doing telephone payments, then this step is not necessary, because you will simply use Credit Card Transaction Interface page to process your payments. An online credit card processor will supply this Interface to you that you will call-up straight from your desktop when someone calls you with a payment.

Once you have your Merchant Account Numbers from your bank, you have to select the Secure Package best suited for your needs. From here, the credit card processor will set up your credit card processing. Within the week you can be transacting credit cards online in RealTime.